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Sex Story


When Nathan got to Emma\s house he was pleasantly surprised; sure they\d been sexting, but when she told him that she would answer the door in nothing but her top and panties...Well, he\d thought it just been all talk. Even when she opened the door and let him come in, he was still sure she wouldn\t have went through with it. It wasn\t until he was in the house, and she was locking the door that he turned round to see her in just a top and he assumed her panties, it was a long top.

Emma turned to Nathan\s staring as blushed; she wasn\t sure up until he had knocked whether she would go through with this. Emma suggested they go into the living room, and as she made her way past him, she felt his fingers slide over her thighs. Emma\s cheeks reddened as she continued into the room. No more than a few seconds after they had made their way into the living room, Nathan backed her up to wall and kissed her. His hands slid back under her top, rubbing her thighs and gliding further up her back. Round to the front ad cupping her breasts in his hands, Emma let out a shy giggle. And as they moved further into the living room, Emma\s hand slid down to his belt buckle. Nathan broke their kiss, looking at Emma the best he could as she kept trying to hide her face.

\"Do you want to suck my cock?\"

Shyly Emma nodded, and began to undo his belt an jeans, pushing her hand into them, rubbing over his boxers.

\"That\s not sucking, Em.\" Nathan said as gently as he had placed hi hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto her knees.

When Emma was kneeling before him, he pushed his jeans and boxers down. Watching as she placed a nervous hand around his cock, slowly pumping it up and down, before moving a bit closer and taking the head of his cock in her mouth. She gave the head a light suck before flicking the tip of her tongue over the slit of his cock. Placing her hands on his thighs, she began to bob her head up and down his cock, taking more in her mouth each time. Nathan watched her head bob faster as her confidence grew slightly and he places his hands in Emma\s hair, gripping gently as he began to move his hips; gently, to begin with, fucking Emma\s mouth.

Nathan moaned as he heard her gag on his cock, pulling out and looking down at her, he watched as he slid his cock back in. Pulling out; and watching a string of saliva trail from his cock to her pink lips. Her blue eyes wide and dewy as she looked up at him, still on her knees; her chest heaving as she attempted to calm her breathing after being gagged by his cock. Maybe it was just him? But the sight of her like that made his cock twitch.

Nathan slowly slid his cock back into Emma\s mouth, watching it disappear inch by inch. He smiled at her pout around his cock, as she sucked on it slightly. Her tongue pressing onto his cock; Nathan moaned as her head slid up and down his cock, and he knew if he didn\t stop her soon then he would cum in her mouth. And that was not how he wanted this night to end.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and kicked his jeans off. Emma looked up at him, her mouth slightly agape and he pushed her onto te seat behind her. Emma blushed as his hands pushed her legs apart and his hands slid up to her panties. Fingers hooking around the hem and slowly pulling them down and off. She was so shy and kept trying to close her legs but Nathan kept a firm hold on her. Without freaking her out too much, knowing how shy she was, he kissed his way up her thigh til he was oh so close to her pussy.

Gently he licked her clit, and took satisfaction in her reaction as she jumped. Nathan trailed his tongue down her pussy and gently prodded inside her, smug as she parted her legs more for him. Emma was always shy about allowing any guy to this to her and the odd time she did allow it, she didn\t like it; not this time. This time she did like it and her hands grazed over his head, slightly holding him to her. Emma moaned as she felt his tongue roll up the length of her pussy and around her clit; she tried her best to keep her moans quiet, still feeling incredibly shy. As Nathan kept teasing her clit, he moved a hand and carefully pushed a finger into her. He moaned into her pussy and he fingered her hot, tight hole. Nathan picked up the pace, not that this would take much longer; he could feel her squeeze around his finger. He flicked his tongue against her clit hard as she lifted her hips up and cried out.

\"I\m so sorry!\" Emma cried out.

Nathan looked at her, pulling his finger out of her and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. \"You don\t need to be sorry, Em. That was incredible.\"

\"I...I don\t know what...I\ve never done that before. I\m sorry.\"

Nathan could believe that. She was utterly confused and totally apologetic for what had happened; but honestly? He found I totally hot. What guy didn\t find a girl that squirts even a bit hot? He certainly did, and he had the pricked he of not only making her squirt; but squirt all over his face.

Nathan kissed her thighs as she sat up and he softy pulled her off the sofa and turned her around until she was bent over on her knees. Nathan positioned himself behind her and eased his cock into her. He watched as his cock disappeared slowly into her pussy. So hot and tight and wet. She felt so good round his cock, he began to move his hips back and forth. Nathan pulled his cock completely out of her, a smugness washing over him as he heard her complaining whine; before he pressed the head of his cock against her. Again he slowly eased it into her, listening to her moan as he filled her pussy.

Emma whimpered as Nathan as began to fuck her faster, his hands taking hold of her hips and pulling her back against him, pushing himself into her harder and deeper. Emma slyly grinned as she heard him moan as he fucked her.

Emma was surprised she was going to cum so quickly again and Nathan had known since the blowjob that he wouldn\t last long. Emma moaned more and even began pushing herself back onto his cock, which both surprised and delighted Nathan. Emma clenched around his cock in a sweet vice grip which only egged Nathan on, taking her wildly. Harder and faster until he was spent, cumming hard and moaning loud; grinning as he heard her moan, almost purring as she came.

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